New leader, renewed focus as NAJASO hits new gear (JamaicaObserver 11/20/17)

NATIONAL Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organisations (NAJASO) is currently engaged in taking steps to re-establish itself as the premier voice of the Diaspora.

Newly elected president and chief executive officer of the association, Dr Robert Clarke told the Jamaica Observer in an interview that the move is being undertaken to “ensure that the organisation becomes more relevant to the needs of Jamaicans in the Diaspora and beyond”.

He said he would be seeking to return the organisation’s focus to the mandate enshrined in its constitution, with a renewed emphasis on economic growth initiatives, recruitment of new member organisations, and nation-building.

As part of the renewal initiative, Dr Clarke has already met with Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States Audrey Marks to discuss the possibility of establishing a NAJASO secretariat at the embassy, and ways in which the association could engage in projects that are of interest to Jamaica and the Diaspora.

Dr Clarke, who is also founder of HELP Jamaica Medical Mission, said education and health care would also continue to be a vital part of the new trust for NAJASO going forward. To this end, he said the association would be launching another scholarship fund soon to assist financially challenged students moving from high school to a tertiary institution.

Founded 40 years ago, NAJASO seeks to create a synergy among Jamaicans, African American nationals and international organisations in support of Jamaica. It is the umbrella organisation for scores of other organisations providing support for several causes to aid Jamaicans.

SOURCE: Harold G Bailey (Jamaica Observer 11/20/17)

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